Supero Solutions

Supero Solutions specializes in SOA, Message based Testing and Service Virtualization by bridging the gap faced by organizations to implement testing frameworks, manage and execute testing projects.

SOA Testing

Supero Solutions provides a comprehensive testing solutions and innovative approaches to automate your SOA, Message based Testing needs.

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Service Virtualization

We virtualize your third party or unavailable applications which are critical and complex to support in continuous testing throughout your entire SDLC.

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Throughout the process, we do:

Non Functional Performance, Security, Compliance, Browser Compatibility.

End to End Automation

UI Layer Automation

Service Layer Automation


Services, ESB, MQ, Registry

Database Layer Automation


End to End Automation

Supero Solutions Updates

  • Andrew Thompson, Managing Director, Parasoft

    "Parasoft have been very pleased to work with Supero Solutions on implementing SOAtest and Virtualize at one of our customers. They were able to take an initial proof of concept project through to live deployment to the great satisfaction of the customer. Supero Solutions have shown a good understanding of both the Parasoft solutions, customer requirements, and testing knowledge, to really add value to both the customer and Parasoft."

  • Aaron Martin, Programme Test Manager, Asset Management Company.

    "Supero Solution’s knowledge and skill in testing SOA Message based applications and Virtualizing third party end points has proved invaluable. Through Virtualization we have been able to test complex end-to-end messaging scenarios much earlier uncovering issues before conducting a full integration test. With the teams technical abilities and Parasoft Tool expertise, they were able to build a sophisticated automation framework resulting in a significant reduction in execution time with less reliance on a fully integrated environment."

  • Ignis Asset Management

    Time being imperative, here’s how Supero assisted “Ignis Asset Management” to achieve “20X reduction in testing time with Service Virtualization and API Testing” click here


About Us

Supero Solutions is an independent consultancy specialized in SOA, Message based testing and Service Virtualization.

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Supero Solutions is in partnership with Parasoft.

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